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Exclusive Starsailor desktops to download

 [Exclusive desktop wallpaper from Starsailor] This exclusive official desktop wallpaper of Starsailor is only available to download from the Good Souls Starsailor archive. The image file is available in three popular sizes and in a space saving .JPG format.

You will need to download the image file and save it onto your hard drive then tell Windows where to find it to install it as your desktop wallpaper. Some browser versions allow you to view the image in your browser (i.e. left click the correct link below to load the photo in your browser) then right click the photo and select the option to install it as your wallpaper.

You may need to save the image file to your hard drive first. Either right click the link below and select 'save as' or 'save target as' and find somewhere sutable to save it on your hard drive ~ or ~ view the photo by clicking the link and then right click the photo itself and choose the menu option to save the photo. To install the desktop, right click your computer desktop away from an icon and select 'properties' then 'background' and browse your hard drive to find where you saved the file and install it.

Please choose your desktop resolution/screen size:

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